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Tips and Resources

Let's make everyday therapeutic.

We are more than happy to share skills and resources with you.

Primary and Secondary School Resource 


It is essential for students to receive intensive articulation therapy to address articulation errors. The online learning platform enables parents to understand the phonetic system in Cantonese, and in turn, help our students improve their speech intelligibility.


Vocabulary is the fundamental key element for sentence construction. This learning kit promotes strategies through fun tasks and games to expand the vocabulary inventory of students.


The resource pack targets strategies for learning vocabulary, syntax and comprehension. It also focuses on pragmatic language skills for social communication.


Teachers and parents can make use of the resource kit to help students improve their comprehension skills. Students learn to predict the genres, summarising ideas and make inferences.


Simple Ways to Get Your Child Expressing in Sentences!

Expansion and extension are two strategies for you to help develop expressive language.


Language expansion ‘expands’ the utterances by ‘repeating’ what your child has said with proper grammar. Remember to also keep the meaning and the words that your child has already used. Let’s take a look at an example.


Child: Daddy drink.
Adult: Yes! Daddy is drinking.
Child: Cookie yummy.
Adult: Yes. The cookie is yummy!


Additionally, adding new information to the existing phrases helps enrich what your child has said. Here’s the second technique.


Language extension ‘extends’ the utterances with proper grammar and also introduces new vocabulary.


Child: Boy eat.
Adult: Yes. The boy is eating. He is hungry.
Child: Boy car.
Adult: Yes. The boy is playing with a car. It’s a bus.


Try incorporating these strategies into your child’s daily routine, e.g. bath time, snack time. Let us know how it goes!

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