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Speech Therapy Services

We provide comprehensive assessment and intervention to our potential clients who have a range of speech and communication needs. Common speech and language challenges may present in the following areas:

Nursery Play


A person who has misarticulation or articulation problems is unable to master sounds or syllables at a certain age, which leads to reduced intelligibility and confusion.

Receptive language

A person shows difficulties in comprehending questions, instructions, stories, and articles.

Kindergarten Guide
Learning the ABCs

Expressive language

An individual has a limited vocabulary size and often experiences word-finding difficulties. He/ she uses words, phrases, or sentences with simple structures for expression.

Learning Sign Language


A person with a fluency disorder finds it challenging to express smoothly and fluently. Involuntary repetitions, and prolongation of sounds, syllables, or words are often noticed.

Feeding and swallowing

A person with a swallowing disorder is not able to swallow fluid or bolus in the oral phase, pharyngeal phase, and esophageal phase in a safe manner, and this results in aspiration pneumonia.

Feeding the Toddler
Patient X-ray_edited.jpg


An individual demonstrates difficulties to project his/ her voice; varies their pitch, volume, and tone. The voice sounds rough, hoarse, strained-strangled, and breathy. 

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